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What is a crunch ?

Crunch is experimental project initiated under the hood of JSWALKER for fun and little bit professionalism sake
The project cover the two part : first one is about fun where user can connect with another anonymous user all over the world and can chat,make audio and video call free of cost also less data usage,and second most important side of this project is for professional user or should i say professional candidates and interviewers.
Crunch make it very easy for people to connect with each other for fun and face-to-face talk for professional talk without Registration

Anonymous chat

Crunch anonymous chat is designed to connect more and more people talk with each other with various reasons,and it is safe and private for both parties : The actual idea behind this is that after crunch will get peak of user involvement: plan to move one level up and turn this anonymous talk into E-harmony application where people share details and find long term mate for each other or even life partner too,this sound really a big step towards productive application,so it will need valuable three things at Crunch :


Interview AKA "FACE-2-FACE" feature in project crunch is helps the professionals people where people on

These are standard way to using Crunch Face-2-Face but it is also turn into private chat for one time.

* For security reason No chat or call is recording not even single chat store into database for now. But in future on user demand there will be the option to store the chats for proof | memory and whatever user want it.

This is the quickest way to connect people for limited time period(for now) in future it will become one hot-shot product with multiple things.

Future plan

Project crunch was initially launched with basic anonymous and token based online communication system.it is just a MVP concept of actual idea.Jswalker and crunch plan to launch professional portal for job-seeker,business meeting over internet,and intra-organization communication(Transfer candidate to other organization),Get to know about organization by organization people inside(Anonymously:Privacy will never publicized) via chat and audio or video call.



December is month of mvp of crunch project

Features: Anonymous random chat or by interest and token based communication between two parties.


January is reserved for professional candidates and business person

Features:Organization push vacancies by role and let candidate allow to apply online and also best way to talk online free of cost


Month of new feature : Common box

Features: One dashboard for people Where he/she can manage all conversation :


Intra organization panel

Features: This feature takes organization at different level.This kind of feature will denote the organization actual strength and organizational spirit that organization not stayed at competition but also opens new door to individuals and allow to exchange knowledge power with other industry too.(This will be the strong influence over industry)


History tab will introduce to all user

Features: History tab list all activities initiated by user such as : Request to user, Applicantion on specific day or month,shortlisted people or offer made etc. this feature need long period planning,fund,solid & scalable infrastructure.


I am glad that webRTC peer handshaking process move to the http to https

Think of privacy in project crunch that : Crunch is not store a single data on server : Evrything is private for both parties as discussed before and also audio and video call peer to peer.

Technology behind Crunch

Crunch is solely based on Jswalker stack and of course Jswalker built-up on latest technology stack
Crunch Technology stack

Impact of technology stack

Performance : Incrased

Speed of data transmission : Increased

Security of data : Jswalker security model

Fun : Increased

Only one thing was decreased which is : WASTAGE OF DATA and TIME


I hope that Node.js is well used in india by professional engineers,but there are few firm actually they claim themselves with BIG IT-FIRM tag but usage of node.js by thier engineers is not level of expectation.The huge MISTAKE WAS made by the IT firm directors and key people who really don't care about technological vision in product

Management Failure

Mistake of Engineers

I spent my all the year of professional development in Node.js to build better platform for engineers - Jswalker, and face the real challenge with development and solve every hurdle and put the standard solution of problem in jswalker with every new release.

Node.js is great technology : But only when we learn how to use it right time at right place

Intersted ?

If you are seeking for professional help to make your organization with enterprise touch with node.js : I am available for consult and making better projects in node.js with Jswalker or in plain Express.js



Jayesh Sapkale (node.jayesh@gmail.com) or (jswalker.mvc@gmail.com)